General purpose : to make the right choice of service
By using true-bars and angle tools, CSM Whistler’s Master Tuners are capable of telling accurately what service a client’s equipment really needs. For an active rider, to keep your board or skis at their maximum level of performance; it needs a Wax every 2 weeks, edges sharpened every 2 month and a base leveling and structure every season.

Edge Sharpness is the Corner where the two surfaces of the Base-edge and Side-edge meet; the right combination gives control and grip when you need it. The Base-edge Bevel really determines how your equipment feels when riding: Too much base-bevel will grip too late in a turn and will feel ‘loose’. Too flat and it will grip too early in a turn and will feel too ‘tight’. If the base edge is high or ‘railed’ it will run like it is on train-tracks.

Even on new equipment; you may feel performance gains and better handling characteristics from base structuring and edge tuning; so much so that this may change how you think about one model of ski or board compared to another. Often skiers and riders mistake ‘too sharp’ edges for incorrect Base-Edge angles. Also; over a season your base bevel will only increase from wear… even as you get stronger; your ski or board gets ‘weaker’ or feels dull even though the edges may still be fairly sharp.

Doing the minimum required to get to maximum performance; there is no over-servicing (will extend it life span) and you save money

Hot Wax

General purpose: to improve the performance of the base’s coefficient of friction
Recommendation: For equipment that is in perfect condition

  • Metal side-edge deburr
  • Base cleaner application
  • liquid iron application of the wax*
  • scrape and brush the base

* if no special wax requested; we use the next day weather type of wax
Wax to your base is like water to your body; You can’t have to much

Minor Tune

General purpose: Sharpening of the Base and Side Edges
Recommendation: For equipment with the base in good condition but needing a sharper edge

  • Ceramic base edges sharpening*
  • Traditional Side edge sharpening
  • Hot wax Service

*If not requested, we will sharpen the base edge at the same angle it was before ; if the base of the equipment is too convex, we do a belt base edge sharpening

Sharpening both surfaces of the metal edge provides a sharpening that will last a much longer time

Full Tune

General purpose: Re-leveling of the base to make it flat
Recommendation: For equipment that needs a flatter base ; it does not remove scratches

  • Base grinding
  • Stone grinding
  • Side edge sharpening
  • Base edge sharpening
  • Hot wax

If not requested, we embed a next-day weather texture in the base

Major Tune

General purpose: Fixing the scratchs in the base
Recommendation: For equipment that has a core shot ; this will also remove of all the finer scratches

  • Base welding
  • Base grinding
  • Stone grinding
  • Side edge sharpening
  • Base edge sharpening
  • Hot wax

If there is a big core shot, it may need a co-poly hard welding or base patch (see major repairs)

Pro Tune

General purpose: Maximum Perfomance
Recommendation: For equipment that needs to win a race

  • Base weld
  • Base grind
  • Fine linear stone grinding (levelling)
  • Blank stone grinding (polishing)
  • Textured stone grinding patterns
  • Side edge sharpening
  • Base edge sharpening
  • Hand finish sharpening
  • Liquid hot box (pre wax conditioner)
  • Hot wax

The best of the best.


  • Hard Weld: $10-$20
  • Topsheet Repair: $10-$20
  • Clean Bent Edge $40-$60
  • Edge Stabilization $40-$60
  • Edge Replacement $60-$80
  • Base Patch $60-$80
  • Sidewall Delam/Clean $60-$80
  • Sidewall Delam/Core Crack $80-$100
  • Core Foam Injection $80-$100

*All repair prices are inaddition to a require Major Tune or Pro Tune

**All prices subject to adjustment on a case to case basis