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General Inspection

For individuals who ride often, our service team recommends weekly waxing, monthly edge sharpening and yearly base leveling for maximum performance from your ride. 


he most important step to CSM Whistler’s services is the free Inspection. By using true-bars and angle tools, CSM Whistler’s Master Tuner is capable of telling accurately what services a client’s equipment needs. For an active rider, to keep your board or skis at their maximum level of performance, your equipment needs a Wax every week, edges sharpened every month and a base leveling/structure every season. 
We let the rider know what is the status of his equipment so it gets the services it needs. By doing the minimum required to get to maximum performance, there is no over-servicing (will extend it life span) and the customer saves money. Most of the time, a good edge sharpen and wax is all you need. 
Since a ski or a snowboard is built like a sandwich, as long as the core is not broken when your equipment gets major damage there is a way to fix it. From there, CSM Whistler lest the client know if it is worth the investment in repair or not. Sometimes, the return on investment is not good enough that they have to diagnose the equipment as dead. We make sure we recommend the best solution since every major repair is guaranteed