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Minor Tune

$40 Minor Tune Service

– If needed, pre-Stone Grind the ski or snowboard with an non-effective polishing texture in order to clean the base.

– We then sharpen the base edge with the Wintersteiger Ceramic Edger that perfectly the metal. Then the contact point are sharpen by hand with a finishing files all the way to the tips. We do 1° for skis, 0.5° for race skis and 1.25° for snowboards.

– We then sharpen the side edge by hand. We start by polishing the burst, then use a ruff file to clean the side edge and then a finishing file sharpen for a perfect side edge cut. We do 90 ° for all around and 88 ° for racing on the side edge.

-We finish with a Hot Wax Service.

It is a hight quality service that will ensure safety and performance for you or your family on the hill.